come and be lifted

Friday Night Lights

Before you got saved... What would you be doing on Friday Night?  For many of us the answer is simple...  

Looking for a party!

The bible says in Psalms 100 that we should "Serve the Lord with gladness!"  in fact, verse 4 says we should "Enter into HIS gates with thanksgiving, and into HIS courts with praise:"  That says to me that just because we love GOD doesn't mean the party has to stop.  It simply means we dance for a different reason and to a different theme!  So each Friday night we assemble a great collection of singers, musicians and worshipers to come by and render their gifts.  Whether you want to sing or just clap and dance along, we invite you to come and praise GOD with us!  Sing, Dance and give GOD the glory HE so much deserves.

Come and "Get your praise on!" 

Friday 5:00pm. Come and magnify the Lord with me and let us exalt HIS name together!