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Whether you need to get ahead of that rush for a good paying job, additional skills to broaden you CV, or you just want to add to scope of your experience.  The AACCT Center offers a variety of classes that are sure to give you a competitive edge on the competition in the work place.  Young or old there is something at The AACCT Center to suit your advancement and educational needs!  And don't forget...


Classes are held Monday through Friday 12noon until 2:00pm.  We also offer select classes in the evenings.  But remember, class are filling up quickly and class space is limited. 

Currently offering:

  • Communication Skills (6 Week Certificate Course)

  • Basic Money Management (6 Week Certificate Course)

  • Sales and Presentation (4 Week Certificate Course)

  • Basic Apologetics 

  • Intro to Ministry

  • Modeling and TV Presentation* (8 Weeks)

  • Acting and Drama*

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